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Secretly Track any Device

Any Smartphone or Tablet

Now compatible with
iOS 8.1 and iOS 7.1.1

Real Time GPS Location Tracking

You can pinpoint the GPS location of the target mobile device in real time, as well as viewing all historical tracking data relating to their recent movements. The recorded GPS details are converted to convenient and easy to read map formats.

Keystroke Logging

With mSpy it is possible to log every keystroke made by the user of your target device allowing you to gather passwords, commonly used search terms, messages and other important data which you may want to keep tabs on.

Track WhatsApp Use

WhatsApp is the latest communications trend among teens and with the help of mSpy you are able to monitor all chats for inappropriate messages.

Record Calls

Record all incoming and outgoing calls or select one particular number to monitor. Listen in remotely via your control panel and make sure nothing suspicious is being discussed.

Listen In On Their Surroundings

Turn any mobile device into a bug instantly and listen in on what is happening in the immediate vicinity.

Tracking Viber

This useful feature allows you to record all Viber messaging including images as well text and find out how often your target uses Viber and what they are chatting about!

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  • John C

    What a great app! Now I have everything I need to be able to discipline employees who are giving away trade secrets to my competitors.

  • Victoria G

    This is the best app I have found for my iPhone! I was able to fire a corrupt bookkeeper thanks to information obtained with the help of mSpy.

  • Terry B

    My kids are my world and I would do anything to keep them safe. With mSpy I can protect them with ease. I no longer have to look over their shoulders, instead I just log onto mSpy and check out where they are and who they are talking to. My mind is at ease knowing they are not doing anything inappropriate.

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